CAN New Membership Structure Overview Call

CAN began as a network of organizations and the Steering Committee was the network. As the region’s needs and opportunities change, CAN is adapting to meet those needs and opportunities. The network has grown as more and more organizations have come together around community development and economic transition in Appalachia and organized into fairly structured working groups around food & agriculture, clean energy and creative placemaking, as well as emerging/informal learning groups.

Over the past few years, the CAN Steering Committee has had many conversations about the importance of democracy, transparency and equity in our Network structure. We have felt the growing pains of CAN’s structure not keeping up with the collaborative work that is increasingly member led and driven, and we recognize the importance of having a structure that accommodates and encourages growth and change from the ground up.

We are excited to enter into this next phase of growth at CAN and want to share with you a little bit about what this transition will look like. The following webinar shares more information about our new membership structure and addresses some questions and concerns. We discuss criteria for Steering Committee membership, details about the nomination process, and more during the call.