The Reuse Corridor Working Group is a coalition of businesses, individual stakeholders, and communities throughout central Appalachia that are building a market around reuse, upcycling, and recycling.


An emerging federation of organizations and other stakeholders invested in reintegrating the traditional values of resource conservation and material reuse within their business models to create jobs, strengthen economies, and build resilient communities. Spanning Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio, the corridor is an untapped material logistics system poised to connect communities generating supply of recycled feedstocks with primary processors and manufacturers with demand for electronics, cardboard, plastics, organics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hard-to-recycle items, construction materials, batteries, and medical equipment.

The ReUse Corridor material generators, collectors, processors, and manufacturers are connected by a road network including U.S. Highway 52, or “King Coal Highway,” State Route 2, and Interstate 64 that can support material logistics for West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky and beyond. SEE THE MAP OF IMPACT.


Organizations and individuals who are interested in ReUse. We welcome material generators, collectors, and aggregators, up cyclers, makers and craftsmen, and manufacturers aligned to share, capture, and transform resources.


This Working Group meets monthly on Zoom. Contact CAN to join the meeting.


  • Baleigh Epperly, Coalfield Development
  • Maria, Rural Action


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