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The Joys of Ohio’s Winding Road: Reciprocity and a Return to Regional Roots

This post was originally published on Ohio’s Winding Road website. BY GRANT JOY Photos courtesy of Dustin Massengill Historically in Appalachian Ohio, there was an emphasis placed on subsistence farming. Before the timber and coal booms of the 19th century, Ohio’s hill country was dotted with small-scale family farms. Recently, the region has started to […]

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Snowvillians at Work

This blog was written by ACEnet’s Microenterprise Program Trainer, Kyle Verge and published on their website here.  Snowville Creamery, located just South of us in Meigs County, has provided our families with high quality dairy for years. Known for their use of A2/A2 genetics, which some research has found to be more digestible than the […]

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Organizational Best Practices in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis brought a new reality & shifted the way we all live and work. Nonprofits are adjusting quickly to their staff working from home. This new way of working is surfacing a variety of issues and further exacerbating the systemic inequalities that affect historically marginalized folks. Challenges commonly faced by rural communities such […]

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Why Appalachia Is Ready for a Reuse Corridor

Written by: Jacob Hannah, Coalfield Development Corporation TRADITIONALLY, the notion of “sustainability” as we know it today was being humbly pioneered here in Appalachia. We can all recall stories of how the “grandparent generation” canned and dried their excess food, planted their own gardens, made their own tools, repaired them when they broke, and used […]

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New White Paper: Clean Energy Investment In Appalachia

CLEAN energy development in Appalachia is an important part of the REGION’S transition to a more just, sustainable, and resilient economy. Investment is a major barrier to an otherwise promising solar sector. What can be done? This white paper examines the current barriers to investment and proposes a focus on “catalytic capital” to unlock more solar investment in the region and accelerate the clean energy sector in Appalachia.

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2019 CAN Regional Peer-to-Peer Convening

This past November, the Central Appalachian Network hosted its 2nd Regional Peer-to-Peer Convening at Tamarack in Beckley, WV. Over 100 economic development practitioners, community change makers, funders, and sector experts gathered at the Convening to connect and build their shared regional analysis for the Central Appalachian region. This year’s Convening offered attendees 4 different session […]

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