Did you know that 62% of US consumers have listened to a podcast. Nearly 3:4 of podcast listeners in the US say they tune in to learn new things. Check out these insightful podcasts hosted by CAN participants.

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Root to Seed

Appalachian Accessible Food Network

Root to Seed is an Appalachian storytelling podcast dedicated to sharing unique stories about local food in southeast Ohio. We speak to farmers, food justice activists, entrepreneurs, and other innovators in our local food economy.

The show is produced by staff and volunteers from the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks, Community Food Initiatives, and Rural Action. These three nonprofits make up the Appalachian Accessible Food Network (AAFN), a collaborative project to accelerate the distribution of local foods into Appalachian Ohio communities.

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Change in the Coalfield

Coalfield Development

Change in the Coalfields: A Podcast by Coalfield Development is our all-new podcast series where you can discover stories each month about our triumphs and struggles to rebuild the Appalachian economy from the ground up. This podcast is about hope and volition in the coalfields, with stories of our crew’s journey to build a life of purpose.

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Yes! We Rise!

Dialogue + Design Associates

Yes! We Rise with Christine Gyovai is a podcast for community change-makers building a brighter future, together. On the Yes! We Rise podcast we share the stories, strategies, and tools of these ordinary people making an extraordinary impact.

When you hear and see what others have done to create real, true, and lasting change (especially people in similar situations and places to you), you will begin to imagine what’s truly possible for you. 

When you listen and learn from their stories and strategies, you’ll feel the spark they do and find new ways to create the change you want to see.

We’re here to help you get fired up to kick some ass, take inspired action, and dream even bigger—for yourself, your community, and the world. 

Join us as we build collective resilience and community transformation. Because together, we rise.

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