Berea Kids Eat – Healthy Food Access in Appalachia


The Central Appalachian Network (CAN) and its partners have been working to improve access to healthy food for individuals and families in the Central Appalachian region through local initiatives in their communities. Over the past year, six of these healthy food access initiatives have been published as case studies through a partnership between CAN and the Appalachia Funders Network. CAN worked with Alexandria Polanosky, a visual storyteller, to create short videos highlighting each healthy food access case study. The summary video for all the healthy food access case studies can be found here

The first of these healthy food access case studies is Berea Kids Eat, a program of Grow Appalachia and Berea College. In an area where 70% of children qualify for free school breakfasts and lunches, Berea Kids Eat is working to ensure that these children are fed during the summer months .Read more about this program tackling food insecurity and childhood hunger in the full case study found here.

 Watch the video below to see how Berea Kids Eat is using an innovative model to not only feed children, but turn the garden into an educational experience.