This style guide will help the CAN team and participant organizations collaborate to create more accurate content to promote our mission. 


Reference this Brand Guide for typeface, colors and photography guide.

Logo Usage

Participant organizations are encouraged to use the CAN logo on their branded materials.

Co-branding shows a partnership between CAN and another participant and represents an exchange of credibility between brands. We use co-branded logos where both brands have ownership, like a collaborative whitepaper or presentation related to our partnership. Before you use a co-branded logo, it is your responsibility to obtain and understand the right permissions from CAN and the participant organization.


This section is to guide users on commonly used phrases and terminology important to CAN.

First and Second Reference

On the first reference, spell out organization. Subsequent references can use the abbreviation.

Central Appalachian Network >> CAN

Clean Energy Working Group >> CEWG

Food and Ag Systems Working Group >> FASWG

  • Beginning Farmer and Entrepreneurship Training >> BFET
  • Processing, Aggregation, and Distribution >> PAD
  • Healthy Food Access>>> HFA

Ecological Restoration Working Group >> ERWG

ReUse Working Group >> ReUse or RUWG

Equity Committee (Equity)

Climate Resilience Committee

Leadership Team >> LT

Executive Committee >> EC

Working Group(s) (WG)


Capitalize These Phrases ALWAYS

Working Group(s)

Leadership Team


Central Appalachia

Network – when in reference to CAN


Preferred spelling of common words