New White Paper: Clean Energy Investment In Appalachia


If thereCover photo.png is one thing that clean energy advocates and practitioners agree on, it is the need to catalyze more clean energy development in the region.  The CAN clean energy working group has identified a set of policy and regulatory changes that are critical to unlocking the full potential of the clean energy industry, but shifting the regional policy landscape is a long-term effort. We’re also focused on another challenge in clean energy development in the region: investment.

CAN commissioned a white paper to answer this question: within the current policy/regulatory context, what are creative investment solutions that can accelerate the flow of financial capital into solar development and the broader clean energy sector? The author, Marc Palmer of the energy financing firm New Resources Solutions, identifies common investment obstacles in the region and financial tools to overcome them.  The paper considers various ways to accelerate investment, and recommends an expanded role for “Catalytic Capital” – flexible investment from funders and mission-aligned entities who share our view that clean energy development is a critical element of the region’s transition to a more just, sustainable, and resilient economy.

See the report below or click here to download a PDF.


CAN – Clean Energy Investment in Appalachia – FINAL 2.2020