Report on Appalachia’s Rural-Urban Continuum and Strategies for Expanding Market Access

In August of 2013, CAN hosted a “CAN Tank” event which brought together regional economic development leaders to address the challenge of expanding market access for rural-based enterprises and economic sectors. In preparation for this event, CAN partnered with Brian Dabson of the University of Missouri’s Institute of Public Policy to conduct research on the rural-urban continuum and its implications for sustainable development work in Appalachia.

Dabson’s report provides a thorough review of the literature on the rural-urban continuum, and exploration of rural-urban economic connections in and around Appalachia, and recommendations for increasing these rural-urban connections. Click here to download Dabson’s full report for CAN.¬†You can also access an overview of Dabson’s findings and his “Seven Steps” recommendations¬†by clicking here.

Based on input from 50+ leading market development practitioners who participated in the CAN Tank, we produced a briefing paper containing a set of concrete strategies for “Expanding Market Access for Rural Enterprises.”