Appalachian Solar Finance Fund Releases First Impact Report

The Appalachian Solar Finance Fund (SFF) released its first impact report detailing how it is powering a new energy future across Central Appalachia. The SFF is supported by the Appalachian Regional Commission’s POWER Initiative. This project is one of 57 awards across 184 coal-impacted counties, receiving a total of $46.4 million.

SFF is a regional financial and technical assistance program that catalyzes solar development in the region’s coal-impacted communities. The SFF provides competitive sub-grant awards for solar projects by nonprofit and public institutions and technical assistance to help local businesses go solar. The resulting projects create jobs, support the growth of local solar enterprises, attract investment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and retain wealth in communities hard hit by the decline in the region’s coal economy.

In its first year in operation, the SFF has awarded funding to four nonprofit youth education institutions, two county public school systems, a public library, a municipal government, a community event facility, a local independent grocery store, an animal shelter, a community farm, three faith institutions, two child advocacy and treatment facilities, and two local nonprofits providing support services to low-income and unhoused people.

And they are just getting started! Read the full Impact Report.