For the past three years, we have been working to democratize the network and engage more of our peers and colleagues in the governance of CAN. Our work is growing, and this planning period will support this growth and enable CAN to invest the time needed to develop a robust proposal for the growth and replication of its model. The planning process timeline is as follows:

November/December 2022 

  • Engage network development consultant and network coordinator (currently underway)
  • Develop engagement strategies for broad participation in network development process

January 2023 

  • Leadership team and Working Group convening: deep analysis of current structure, opportunities for growth, and visioning for network and sector-based expansion

February/April 2023 

  • Leadership team works with network development consultant
  • Working Groups develop plans for increased capacity: to include structure for facilitation support and increased capacity to financially support emerging work in each sector
  • TA visits: CAN leadership team members with relevant expertise meet with emerging networks to support replication efforts, as requested by ARC staff or state program managers
  • Leadership team meets with state program managers, economic development leaders, and Local Development Districts to share strategies and develop alignment where appropriate

May 2023 

• Leadership team and Working Group convening for synthesis and implementation proposal development