The Central Appalachian Food and Agricultural Systems Working Group (FASWG) Healthy Food Access welcomes all community partners working towards a fair food system to create healthy, local food for all. This Working Group addresses the reality that in both rural and urban areas, low-income families experience high levels of food insecurity and poor dietary options. This lack of access can lead to hunger, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Many rural communities across Appalachia exist in food deserts, where residents have limited access to fresh and healthy food. This Working Group hopes to draw connections between food producers, food pantries, and food-insecure families who need access to healthy, fresh, local food.


Regional actors, from farmer’s markets to food pantries, are collaborating to improve food access by connecting low-income families to fresh, healthy, local foods. Advocacy, education, and investment in food access are critical to ensuring healthy rural people and economies.


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  • Leslie Schaller – Appalachian Center for Economic Networks
  • Martin Richards – Community Farm Alliance


Jennifer Weeber, Tom Redfern, Maribeth Saleem-Tanner, Tessa Weineke, Patti Miller, Kayla Nichols, Amelia Bandy


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