CAN Organizational Equity Policies Webinar

On October 29th CAN hosted its first Equity webinar. It focused on concrete ways to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within the operational aspects of your organization. During the webinar we discussed:
  • Why focusing within your organization is a good place to start incorporating equity into your work.
  • Concrete examples of how to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization’s policies and practices.
  • How to get started: short term and long term organizational work plans.

Join us at the 2019 CAN Regional Peer-to-Peer Convening to continue this discussion and attend a session hosted by Gunter & Howard LLC on “Finding Your Why and Your How of Doing Equity Work.” You can find more information about the Convening here.

Find the Organizational Equity Policies Webinar here

The webinar was hosted by Lindsey Wilson, Rural Support Partners and Eric Howard, MSW & Ed.D of Gunter & Howard Equity, Inclusion, and Communications.